Friday, March 27, 2009

Rock of Ages - Upcoming TV Appearances!

Happy Friday, Rockers!

Just got this scoop in from "Rock of Ages" HQ in Joey Primo's new tour bus...

Constantine Maroulis will be on FOX BUSINESS CHANNEL’s "Strategy Room" TODAY, Friday, March 27th from 5 – 6PM. It is a live, national program and will be hosted by Robert Galinsky (owner of REALITY TV SCHOOL) and the show will be about reality TV. Constantine will also be able to talk about "Rock of Ages".

Also, "Rock of Ages"will be featured in WABC-TV’s (CHANNEL 7 in NYC) Spring Theatre Preview, hosted by David Hyde Pierce, on Saturday, March 28th at 7:30PM. It is also being heavily promoted on TV and in taxis (great news for all of you coming to NY to visit and catch a performance of ROA)!!!!

Rock on!

Miss Lizzy