Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rock of Ages Super Fan Contest Announced!

Hey, rockers!

Direct from Rock of Ages Headquarters in the supply closet of Dupree's Bourbon Room...

Do you fall asleep by counting llamas?

When someone refers to something as "rad", do you want to qualify it by saying "...but not that dumb-a** Rock-Against-Drugs kinda rad?"

Have you been cheering on your favorite sports team and accidentally screamed out "Hooray for Boobies"?

Is your dance alter-ego Hungarian?

If you've answered "Hells, yeah!" to any of the above questions, then enter the Rock of Ages Super Awesome Ultimate Rock Fan Opening Night Challenge!

Here's how:

Forward the code ROCKFAN to your friends, so they can save
up to 50% on Broadway’s most rockin’ show.

Once they buy, get them to
send their confirmation number to you, so you can forward it to We'll keep track of your score. The more friends you get to buy tickets (at a super cool price!), the more points you earn. The more points you earn the more stuff you get!

UPDATE: The contest has been amended to reflect the following change to the rules: Each TICKET purchased will now be equivalent to one point in the contest, rather than each confirmation code.

Rock on and good luck!

Miss Lizzy


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